Dogs are welcome Holiday with dog

"We, your four-legged friends, are welcome here in the Waldcamping. The nearby wood is an excellent place for long walks and we may swim in the natural bathing lakes. Provided our master or our mistress observe some rules, a peaceful living together will absolutely be possible."

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead everywhere on the campsite (also in the pitches).
  • In order to not disturb other campers, your dog should keep quiet (avoid any barking).
  • Please take care to avoid any dog dirt in the campsite.

Please note the regulations of the Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg according to the Kraftfahrliniengesetz which states:
Dogs with a secure muzzle may be carried if they can be accommodated without disturbing or obstructing other passengers. They must be carried or kept on short lines. The passenger has to supervise the animals. They must not be carried on seats.
Bus drivers must follow these guidelines, they must not take dogs without a muzzle or leash. Excluded are blind and disabled dogs.

Werner mit Hunden beim Radausflug
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