Relaxation oasis with stunning views Schwimmbad Felsenau

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A bath with tradition

The special feature of the two Feldkirch baths are the different offers, whether fun and entertainment in the Waldbad experience or wellness and peace in the swimming pool Felsenau. All information about our baths can be found in our folder. The swimming pool Felsenau is the oldest existing swimming pool in Vorarlberg. Built and opened in 1903, the bathroom has lost none of its appeal. The bath is awarded in addition to the building infrastructure of the family atmosphere. From the oasis of peace opens a beautiful view of the Walgau and the surrounding mountains.

Sports and swimmer pool

  • Pool size 33 x 30 m     
  • Float and non-swimmers area     
  • Environmentally friendly heating of the water by a solar system     
  • 1-meter springboard     
  • 5 massage jets     
  • waterfall shower


Blick über's Becke Richtung Kisok
Blick Richtung Walgau
Abbildung Lumpensalat am Kiosk
Die Kioskterrasse

Children's pool

  • slip Elephant
  • awning


For landlubbers and sunbathers

  • Soccer tables     
  • different playground equipment
  • Sun Lounger Chair around the pool
  • Sanitary facilities up to date
  • Swimming pool kiosk with a cozy garden