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Events 2019/2020


Ho, ho, ho - soon comes the Nikolo

On Sunday, December 8th, Nikolaus visits us in the Vorarlberghalle. From 14.00 clock we celebrate with Christmas sounds with all the good kids.
At around 2.30 pm, dear Santa Claus has his appearance - accompanied by his many little helpers - the elves and, of course, the Raiffeisen-Sumsi will not miss out and also helps. As always a busy bee. Of course, he does not come empty-handed - all children receive a sackle filled with sweets.

Come with your little ones and enjoy two pre-Christmas hours with us.

Mäschgerle am Eis

The 9th of February 2020 is all about the Carnival again.
The Vorarlberghalle greets all big and little Mäschgerle with a triple "Spälta, spälta hoch"! Of course, clown Gina again distributed sweets and donuts to the pawns.
No matter if you are a princess, a cowboy, an indian or whatever comes from a creative mind - come over with your family and friends and transform the Vorarlberghalle into a cauldron full of carnival fools.
Two hours of carnival fun and lots of fun are guaranteed. And off you go already at 14.00 clock. We look forward to you.