Natural Track and Vita Parcours Finnenbahn Feldkirch

The Finnenbahn at the Waldstadion is a very popular meeting place for runners who value healthy exercise. The Finnbahn offers joggers and motor-lovers a well-maintained and maintained infrastructure for health-conscious running on a specially designed for jogging track. The peculiarity of the 400 m long Finn run is the particularly soft floor covering made of bark mulch, which better cushions the appearances while walking and thus protects the joints.

Natural Track and Vita Parcours


Connected with the Finnbahn is also a 400 m long nature course with a Vita course. Fitness equipment is available at five stations, and information boards guide visitors through specific exercises.

Drinking fountain and lighting

The track is pleasantly shaded by dense forest and the trees provide protection from the heat. A drinking fountain in the start area provides cool refreshment against thirst. In the evening, as night falls, the Finnish railway is illuminated until 10 pm